Listen close, y'all don't hear how the beat get ugly when a motherfucker come through? Busta Rhymes] Cannibal, I eat you raw meat I'm raw with beats So scavenger with it, nigga look like Jaws with feet You don't want it, bitch Y'all niggas know I get gully, what you want? Tyga] I get money, I make money I take money, them bitches want it from me 'cause I'm I'm 'bout whatever, I'm 'bout whatever I'm 'bout whatever, man I do it, do it better Two, two more shots, then I'm out I'm a motherfucker and I got a potty mouth I'm 'bout whatever man, I'm 'bout whatever man I'm 'bout whatever, man I do it, do it better [Verse 2:

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